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BOYUYO 36V 3A Battery Charger Fast Charge Battery 3-Prong Inline Connector for Electric Balancing Sports & Outdoor Power Cord Supply (Size : A)
  • The power adapter is provided by the electric scooter manufacturer. Commonly used in other brands of electric scooters, you need to ensure that your charging plug is a 12mm round hole aviation plug. (Need other plugs can contact customer service)
  • The power adapter is suitable for Harley electric vehicles, battery packs, unicycles, balance bikes, electric vehicles, scooters, compatible with 99% of lithium battery products on the market. It has CE certificate.
  • Made of fireproof ABS material, safe for charging. Indication light, red light when charging, green light when fully charged
  • This power adapter is not waterproof. Keep dry during use. If it gets wet accidentally, it is recommended to dry it with a hair dryer before using.
  • Safe and reliable. We love this charger, and we're sure you will to. If you have any issue about the item, please contact us by e-mail, we will try our best within 24 hours to reply
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48V Lithium Battery Charger,Charger Adapter Power 58.8V Output for Electric Bicycle Motorcycle Scooter Hoverboard (Color : 3A, Size : G)
  • 【Multiple Safety Protections】: A variety of output protection,effective in preventing damage.Over current protection, short circuit protection, low voltage protection, over voltage control, over heat control. It will be safer to use.
  • 【Efficient Heat Dissipation】: Built-in smart cooling fan, smart heat dissipation, so that the electrical appliances can be kept at a proper temperature.
  • 【Strong Compatibility】: Compatible with 99% of branded lithium battery products on the market, such as Harley cars, balance bikes, electric vehicles, unicycles, and scooters can be used.
  • 【Intelligent timing chip】: The timing chip is newly upgraded and will automatically stop when fully charged to prevent overcharging and extend battery life.
  • 【Well-Designed】: Adopt SMT patch technology, good high frequency characteristics, reduce magnetic wave interference. small size, light weight, high efficiency, which is stronger and more stable.
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TIANZIO 58.8V(2A/3A/4A/5A) Power Adapter,Electric Scooter Fast Charger,Over Voltage Protection,Automatic Power Off,Temperature Control Protection,2A,1,superiorquality
  • The power adapter is provided by the scooter manufacturer. Usually used for other brands of electric scooters, you need to make sure that the charging plug is (Need other plug to contact customer service)
  • Eight-level protection, efficient operation, safe and worry-free, three-stage charging; dedicated integrated chip; automatic repair; microcomputer pulse dehydration and current limiting; for example, its charging speed is 3A per hour, it can take about 6 to 7 hours Filled with 48V 20AH battery. After fully charged, the indicator light will turn green and automatically enter the protection mode.
  • This power adapter is not waterproof. Keep dry during use. If you accidentally get wet, it is recommended to use a hair dryer to dry before use.
  • The power adapter is suitable for Harley electric vehicles, battery packs, unicycles, balance bikes, electric vehicles, scooters, and is compatible with 99% of lithium battery products on the market.
  • Fine packaging. Safe logistics services and guarantees. If you have any questions, please contact customer service 24 hours. Our general delivery time is 15-30 days. If the weather is good, the delivery time will be shortened.
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Unicycle for Adult Kids Unicycle 16/18/20 inch Kids Adults Unicycle Height Adjustable Skidproof Butyl Mountain Tire Balance Cycling Bike Bicycle Double-Layer Thickened Wheels Sports Outdoor Unisex Be
  • High-quality Materials:This Kid's/ Adult's unicycle with high bearing capacity,can load up to 200KG,because the standard flat shoulder forks made of high-strength manganese steel, scales welded, strong and durable.
  • Adjustable Extended Seat: Soft and comfortable, High-strength aluminum alloy folding lock, the seat height can be adjusted freely
  • Convenient and Easy To Carry:The unicycle is small and easy to store / carry. Allow to enter public places, buses, Urban commuting and transportation / storage, perfect for small locations.
  • Special Design:Extremely non-slip pedals and tires.The use of high-quality rubber tread tires, wear-resistant.Uneven non-slip pedals increase friction and effectively prevent slippage.
  • Enjoy Happy from Sports:It is an emerging puzzle sport.Cultivate people's independence and firm quality, exercise people's will, and enhance physical and mental health. Convenient to carry and use, it can be used as a travel tool or a fun.
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Trolley Sense Training Equipment Children's Outdoor Unicycle Plastic Toys Kindergarten Equipment Trolley Balance Car
  • Always ready to go without worrying about batteries that need to be recharged. Simple designed push wheel, perfect for younger kids.
  • Work smarter, not harder: this stroller is easier to use with your child's simple operation, and can also be used in the store, ranch or farm.
  • The drive gear keeps the trolley running smoothly. Give your kids hands-on experience working with green technologies so they can learn about and have fun with renewable energy.
  • With lifelike details, kids will come back to this toy car time and time again as they role-play different adventures on the construction site, roadside or farm
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Water Storage Bladder, Collapsible Water Bladder Tanks Soft Drought-Resistant Water Bag Water Tank Drought-Resistant and Fire-Fighting Agricultural Use (Color : Blue, Size : 240L/1x0.6x0.4M) (Blue 56
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Storage tank has 23 capacities to choose from, the water bag is very portable, which can quickly / easily store all required water volume, and can be repeated When in use.
  • WATER RESISTANCE AND TEMPERATURE STABILITY: The performance is basically unchanged after the action of water erosion, and it is impermeable under water pressure. It does not flow, foam or slide at high temperatures; it will not crack at low temperatures.
  • PORTABLE FOLDABLE WATER STORAGE BAG: The foldable water bag is light and easy to fold. It can be folded and rolled up when not in use. It is easy to carry and store. It is very convenient to use.
  • WATER STORAGE BLADDER EASY TO USE: economical garden water container with faucet , can be connected to the water pipe, very convenient to use; as a non-potable water storage and recycling rainwater collector, suitable for outdoor.
  • SCOPE OF APPLICATION: Water bag can perfectly solve the problem of outdoor water storage or no fixed water storage installation. For riding / gardening / building / garden / camping / farm / beautifying the environment.

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